Oops! Sorry for the Glitch

How embarrassing. I was doing some editing on Google Forms and completely disabled the last post. It seems that the Bible Quiz is linked to the stored copy. Any post edit will break the link, or change the appearance of the quiz.

Some of you may have seen a disabled link while others might have noticed that the questions were out-of-order, and not synced with the answer key.

After a few moments of panic I was able to restore the original quiz which is ready for you to view here.

Feedback is always appreciated. If you notice a technical error or common mistake please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

The Bible Quiz is a new feature that I’m trying to develop. The first quiz was formatted using simple WordPress tags while the Google quiz is generated using more complex iframe code which links directly to the stored copy.

You can see how they appear in the samples below. The first example was generated using simple tags while the second quiz was composed using iframe.

Sample Quiz (Using simple tags)

(Correct answers are green — incorrect red.)

Who warned the Roman commander of a plot to kill Paul?
The centurion in charge of the prison.
The son of Paul’s sister.

Sample Quiz (Using iframe code)

The technical glitch would not have occurred using the WordPress coding, but the iframe format is more functional.

Please leave your questions or comments below as to which format you prefer, and as you take the quiz do remember this:

If I have all knowledge, but have not love I am nothing (1 Corinthians 13:2).

Answer key: Acts 23:16-22

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Bible Quiz #1

The Bible Quiz is a new feature at Eternal Christ. Hopefully, it will make the blog more interactive and engaging to our visitors. Feel free to share your results in the comment section. May the Spirit be with you!


18-20 (Doctor of Theology)

16-17 (Master of Theology)

14-15 (Bachelor of Bible Studies)

12-13 (Associate of Bible Studies)

10-11 (Are you a Sunday school teacher? Just kidding!)

1-9 (Spends too much time on social media. Open your Bible!)

Answer Key

1. Acts 9:17-18

2. Revelation 2:12-13

3. Judges 8:30

4. Genesis 38:18

5. 2 Corinthians 11:25

6. Genesis 6:16

7. Matthew 8:28-34

8. Nahum 1:1

9. Genesis 9:18

10. Onan was a son of Judah not a Judge in Israel.

11. Luke 18:1

12. Judges 21:25

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