School Board Favors Islam

The local school district held a 2-day public meeting to present its plans to deal with the perceived tide of Islamophobia.

There was a huge public outcry as the school board voted to add the subject of Islam to the district’s mandatory social studies program.

In addition, Muslim holidays are to be added to the school’s calendar, and safe zones established for Muslim students.

Though students will now be permitted to observe Ramadan, you will not see Christian holidays on the school calendar as Christmas and Easter were long ago replaced with Winter/Spring Break.

Parents have retained a Constitutional law attorney to determine what recourse they have to reverse the school board’s decision.

Their complaint is that public education has increasingly become politicized. The attorney’s preliminary assessment is that the policy is unconstitutional in that it favors a specific group over the aggregate student body.

The broader issue is that we are witnessing the Islamization of the West. France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and England are under increasing pressure to accommodate Sharia law in Muslim neighborhoods.

Muslim immigrants have displaced the working-poor from public housing throughout Europe. Said one Imam, “We will have more children than you, and Europe will become Muslim.”

Christianity is in retreat. In America it is mocked, demeaned and ridiculed. There are only pockets of resistance in parts of Africa and Latin America.

It is out of favor to teach the Christian roots of our Founding Fathers. Said one Hispanic student, “Why do I need to learn about dead white men?”

America was supposed to have been a great melting pot. The reality is that this experiment has always failed. Assimilation is a pie-in-the-sky fantasy.

The nation lost all semblance of common sense when it banned the Bible from public discourse. But now, for the sake of diversity and inclusion, students will be taught the Koran?

In my opinion the Department of Education should be abolished, and public schools closed. Vouchers are a cheaper option than a public education; and private schools can be trusted to teach your children academic skills rather than Transgenderism 101, or Islamic Studies.

There is a veil of deception that has blinded the eyes and hardened the hearts of the majority of our citizens. It permeates our institutions, and is a sign of God’s judgment.

Our only hope is prayer that God will be merciful, and pour over our nation a spirit of revival and restoration.


The school board also voted to not conduct business with contractors who build the border wall. Aside from the fact that it would be illegal to discriminate against any contract bids, the greater issue is that Mexico poses a national security threat to the United States. Poverty, drugs and disease are flowing across the border unchecked. It is a burdensome problem threatening the health and safety of the American public.

Ranchers, who live on the border, have lost control of their lands to smugglers and drug cartels. The United States government has the obligation to protect its citizens.

That is the issue — the sovereignty and security of our border. We spend billions to defend the borders of other countries, but we can’t protect our own territory?

That’s insane.

And cut the crap with the bogus arguments about immigration. We’re not talking about Ellis Island. Millions of people, portrayed as victims, have crossed the border illegally.


Without consent of the United States government they simply broke in. Some of these were ISIS terrorists disguised as Nicaraguans. Did they bring across a dirty bomb?

I don’t know which is a greater danger — a porous border, or bleeding-heart liberals who see no threat.

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