A Call to Prayer

A house divided against itself cannot stand. — Abraham Lincoln

Today, I want to address the escalating tensions that are rocking America. To my brothers and sisters in Christ who are apolitical I only ask that you hear me out. I promise to conclude this post with a spiritually relevant observation.

Readers of this blog know that I am a conservative. The radical left hates people like me. They hate my faith and they hate my politics. One of their weapons — quite effective, actually — is to simply smear the opposition. One way they do this is by hurling insults. If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth so they label their opponents as racist, sexist, homophobic, and misogynist until it sticks in people’s minds and becomes their reality.

As I’ve noted before these tactics are right out of the leftist playbook, Rules for Radicals. The author, Saul Alinsky, influenced the politics of people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who wrote that conflict is the route to power.

This echoes Alinsky’s thoughts that a community organizer should be abrasive, inciting resentment and hostility, an agitator to the point of conflict.

The Democrat Party, at least in my lifetime, has adopted these principles in order to gain and hold power. They incite class warfare on a variety of fronts — sex, race, age, income and, more recently, gender identity. These tactics are intended to divide the country, and create a power base from which Democrats can rule in these Divided States of America.

A young woman, speaking on a university campus, said:

There will be casualties. Unfortunately, people must die in order to effect change.

I guess she took Obama’s change theme to the extreme. Christian, you can hide your head in the sand for so long, but this is the face of evil. This young woman is an Obama-baby who represents the base of the Democrat Party.

Have you heard of Antifa? DisruptJ20? DC Welcoming Committee?

Antifa (antifascist) is a worldwide movement that organizes protest marches against the establishment (Western, capitalist democracies). They are known for wearing masks and inciting violent resistance through a diversity of tactics. You saw them marching in front of the Trump hotel on Inauguration Day.

DisruptJ20 is an organization that pre-planned many of the nationwide marches against President Trump. (What appeared on the nightly news as spontaneous protests were events organized before Trump took the oath of office.)

DC Welcoming Committee is a branch of the national Welcoming Committee. With offices in cities across the country it is a LGBTQ activist organization that participated in the protest marches on Inauguration Day. That explains the gay protesters I saw kissing in front of the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave.

Antifa and DisruptJ20 were involved in the violent protests at Berkeley which resulted in the cancellation of speeches by conservative pundits such as Milo Yiannopoulos (senior editor at the conservative Breitbart News).

Yiannopoulos was especially targeted because he is homosexual. Aren’t liberals the defenders of gay people? This is the deception that lies at the core of liberalism. If you are a conservative member of any one of the designated oppressed classes you are an even greater threat to the liberal agenda, and must be silenced.

Ask yourself this: Who are the fascists?

Recall Madonna’s profanity-laced speech at the Women’s March where she blurted out that she often thought of blowing up the White House. It was an inciteful thing to say prompting an investigation by the Secret Service and FBI.

More recently, Kathy Griffin made headlines for posting that very disturbing photo. (No further comment is necessary.)

Conservatives (and Christians) are excoriated for the most innocent of offenses. The double-standard and hypocrisy is numbing to my soul. Then Griffin had the gall to stage a photo-op with her lawyer claiming that she was the victim.

At the pre-election debate, Donald Trump was asked if he would accept the results of the election, and was crucified for his uncommitted response. Democrats have refused to accept that Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. They have behaved like temperamental infants, and will not be satisfied with anything less than impeachment.

For months the public has been fed a steady diet of anti-Trump rhetoric. It has become an obsession of the mainstream media to defame, belittle, libel, slander, malign, smear, vilify, besmirch, disparage, and discredit this President.

Hillary lost the election because of her policies, and in the end she resorted to mudslinging. The media picked up Clinton’s fumble, and has continued pushing the negative stereotype. Push the negative hard enough, taught Alinsky, and it becomes the reality.

Let’s stop here for a moment and consider these things in light of the shooting at the Republican softball practice. The shooter reportedly was a volunteer on the Bernie Sanders campaign. He posted anti-Trump propaganda on his Facebook page, and allegedly asked if the softball team was Democrat or Republican before opening fire.

There is a civil war (small letter “c”) raging in this nation. The Republicans didn’t start it, nor did the Christians. It is fueled and flamed by leftist activists who are intolerant of anyone who resists their imposition of an ideology that is anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, anti-capitalist, and anti-democratic.

The Democrat Party is complicit. The politics of division breeds discontent which is sometimes manifested in violent protest.

Young people, idealistic by nature, have been so indoctrinated by leftist ideology that they are emotionally incapable of even hearing contrary views. I fear for a nation where colleges and universities have to provide safe-rooms (stocked with Play-Doh, crayons, coloring books, and bubbles) to sooth the angst of students who panic whenever they hear the name Donald Trump.

The Spiritual Lesson

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

I did not vote for Barack Obama, and disagreed with his policies. He was wrong on health care, abortion, and gay marriage. I did, however, pray for President Obama (as I do for President Trump.) It is the Christian’s duty to pray for our leaders.

We are not like the zealots who expected Jesus Christ to take up arms against the Romans. We are non-violent and peacefully resist. We do not wear masks, throw bottles, break storefront windows, overturn cars, nor set fire to emergency vehicles. We respect the office of the President — as Kathy Griffin once lectured Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

And we pray.


May you pour out your Holy Spirit upon this nation for restoration and revival.

May you strengthen our families, and protect our children.

May you heal this nation of its spiritual ills which are manifested in social strife, cultural malaise, moral decline, political violence, and financial bankruptcy.

May you lift up America unto Thy glory, and as a witness unto all the nations.

In the blessed name of Jesus.


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One Nation Under God

Lord have mercy. How y’all doing? Observing the democratic process unfold is much like watching a butcher make sausage.

The problem is we are a divided nation — 60 million voters want America to adopt European socialism while 60 million others reject globalization otherwise known as the New World Order. But more importantly half the population rejects a Christian worldview, and seeks a secular, humanist utopia.

Every day for six months I prayed to the Lord that He would send His people to the polls en masse — that faithful, obedient, God-fearing voters would elect faithful, obedient, God-fearing candidates.

Having said that let me just add that I truly like Mike Pence.

A writer for the Washington Post was interviewed on London’s news channel. He said that as an openly gay, African-American he feared for America’s future.

Women’s groups are warning that Trump is going to take away their birth control. Bus loads of protesters are marching across the nation with cries that they are not being represented. At Trump Towers they shout, “Not our President!”

Is that a fact?

Real racism (or sexism) is to presume that only a woman can represent women … only a Hispanic can represent Latinos … only an African-American can represent black people …

A half century ago Detroit was home to the most affluent African-American population in the United States. A Republican was President. Today, according to the Brookings Institution, Detroit has the highest rate of poverty among the top 25 metropolitan cities in America. A Democrat has occupied the White House for the past eight years.

Let me just add that Barack Obama has been my President. I never once entertained a spurious thought that I would leave the country; and though I took exception when he said that America is not a Christian nation, well, he was right.

Did you hear about the little girl whose class held a mock election? She voted for Trump and was condemned, chastised and called a racist.

Oh, by the way, the little girl has one black parent and one white parent. To which one is she racist? What happened to school policies against bullying? I’m just asking, but this is just another example of why public schools are part of the problem.

I have lived through a number of elections, and it seems to be that hate and intolerance are more prevalent in those who cast an accusing finger at people like me.

Not to mention the fact that I’m ignorant to boot. Though I have a Master’s Degree I will confess to being ignorant because I didn’t succumb to the brainwashing and indoctrination of America’s public school system. It wasn’t easy — twelve years in primary and secondary followed by four years of college will turn most people into a stark raving socialist. I was the only student in my class who challenged the Marxist professor. The rest mindlessly drank the Kool-Aid though their brains were made receptive by their LSD fueled orgies.

I mean, look at what they teach kids today. Elementary students are encouraged to explore their sexual identity. What the hell is that?

Can we say homeschooling?

The Democrat Party wrote off Christians and white America long ago. That’s why 53% of white women voted for Trump. How could this be? I thought Trump was a vile, disgusting, hateful misogynist. Why, these women betrayed their sisters. They betrayed the cause. Susan B. Anthony must be turning over in her grave.

The New York Times profiled women who voted for Trump, and found that they were a diverse group of educated, professional, Christian women who didn’t buy the slandering Democrat Party narrative.

But this is what the Democrat Party does — it gains power by dividing us as a people. When my grandfather escaped the persecution of Nazi Germany — he came here, by the way, legally through Ellis Island — he would not permit German to be spoken in the home.

“We are Americans,” he would say. Not hyphenated-Americans, but truly united with the people of this nation.

Democrats do not see us that way. They divide the country by race, gender, sex orientation; and they pander to these various groups in order to gain and hold power.

And power is all they care about.

The Democrat Party has spearheaded an assault on traditional family values. Their allies, the LGBTQ-feminist cabal, have targeted what is pejoratively referred to as breeders — heterosexual men and women, husbands and wives; and the family unit that is the bedrock of our society. Men (especially white males) are vilified, and women who choose to stay home to rear their children are ridiculed.

An article in the USA Today opined that the women who voted for Trump were compliant with the institutional sexism that exists in America. They are subjugated by their desire to be attractive, to be looked at and to be complemented.

How condescending. How insulting. The USA Today is not fit to line my birdcage. In any case, to be a Christian or of heterosexual orientation is to be an enemy of the Progressive elites.

I found it interesting that the Democrat candidates quoted the Bible in their concession address. Here we have a woman who would permit the gruesome, horrific murder of a baby as it passes through the birth canal; and she would have appointed judges to rubber stamp her Progressive agenda. It’s so unconscionable that I don’t know how she sleeps at night — to be so hungry for power that she would approve infanticide to secure feminist support.

There’s a guy named Brandon who posts on a Christian website that I regularly visit. Anyhow, he is a Christian Democrat who believes that we can’t legislate morality; and he is perplexed by people like me who make a big deal out of abortion.

This is the other thing — Democrats can’t call murder … murder. It’s not abortion, but reproductive choice. Oh, abortion sounds too messy. Let’s call it free choice. This is Brandon’s attitude.

I have a special treat for y’all as you can hear Brandon’s call to The Narrow Path radio program on election day. This will make your blood boil. You can pick up the conversation at the 28:58 minute mark on the audio bar. Though the discussion begins earlier, I wanted to highlight this particular section which you can listen to here.

Brandon tells the host, Steve Gregg, that Christians should not enforce their faith upon unbelievers — that people have choice, or free will, to live as they choose; and Christians should not be concerned if women abort their babies.

Steve asked Brandon if government should have laws, or a police force. Brandon said, “I don’t know. No, because Christians shouldn’t carry the sword.”

Does Brandon believe in laws against murder? “God’s law,” he replied, “but not the government.”

Steve asked, “What if someone like Charles Manson was going house to house killing people. Should he be stopped?”

Brandon replied, “No, Jesus didn’t stop people.”

He went on to say that if everyone became Christian we wouldn’t need laws.

When Steve reminded him that the ordained role of government is to protect the innocent and punish evil-doers, Brandon said that Paul and Jesus disagreed. (See Romans 13:1–7.)

Friends, people like Brandon voted Democrat on election day.

One final thought. Two things struck me about the character of Donald Trump. First, his kids turned out pretty decent. In my book, that’s the mark of a good parent. Second, at one of the debates when he was being sliced and diced over his personal behavior he started to address the indiscretions of Bill Clinton; but he paused and said, “I won’t. I won’t because of who’s in the audience.”

Millennials who voted for the first time and are too young to remember — Trump, out of respect for Chelsea, did not bring up the infamous blue dress.

And isn’t it just a bit disingenuous to bang the drum ever so loudly that you are a defender of women’s rights unless the women are victims of your own husband’s infidelities?

It was a miracle that Trump even won. He overcame opposition not just from his own party but from Democrats, media outlets and Wall Street. Only one month before the election the Republican Party was in disarray, and some were asking Trump to withdraw.

On election night the news outlets — which are nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party — were projecting a Democrat landslide. The New York Times pollster later admitted that he fudged the numbers.

After the dust settled, Trump easily surpassed the 270 electoral votes; his party retained control of the House and Senate; and Republicans captured 33 state houses and most of the state legislatures.

The lesson here is that God is sovereign, and His will shall be done. A miracle that Trump won? Well, the LORD doth work in mysterious ways although a house divided cannot stand.

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