70 Weeks of Daniel

A Call to Prayer

A Christian World View

A Godly Path

A Hardened Heart

A  Jewish Nun

A Life Well Loved

A Papal Defense of Marriage

A Plea for Unity

A Prayer for Joey

A Proverbs 31 Woman

A Rabbi’s Warning

A Tale of Two Christmases

A Thanksgiving Proclamation

A Thousand Years

Amazing Grace

An Obedient Heart

Angels in Our Midst

Apollo 8 Christmas Eve 1968

Are You a Figment of God’s Imagination?

Are You Deceived?

Are You Feeling Flat Today?

Between Christians

Beware the False Prophets

Bible Students Exposed 

Bible Wars

Birth of the Church

Blood Moon Feast

Board and Bible

By His Stripes We are Healed

Can You Answer this Bible Stumper?

Christ at the Fair

Christ is Our Atonement

Christ Our Lord

Christ, Our Passover Lamb

Church Begins at Home

Circumcise Your Heart

Contend for the Faith

Creation Times Two

Defending Our Faith

Did James Contradict Paul?

Discipleship 101

Disney Boycott Update

Dispense the Truth

Divine Healing

Do You Speak in Tongues?

Does God Heal?

Does Jesus Pray for the World?

Does the Bible Condone Illegal Immigration?

Dr. McGee on the Will of God

Drink From the Cup of Christ

End of Evangelical Church?

End Times Theology

Ezekiel’s (Millennial?) Temple

Ezekiel’s Temple: Study Notes

Father’s Day Down Under

Feature Film: The Atheist Delusion

Fetal Life Matters

Finding Jesus Through A Jewess

For Leaven’s Sake!

Give Thanks Always (Video)

Give Thanks Always (Article)

Give Christmas Back to the Pagans

God Defined Marriage

God Made Them … Non-Binary?

Goodbye and God Bless


Happy 99th, Billy Graham

Has God Forsaken Us?

Have You Replaced Abraham?

He is Risen!

Heal the Blind

Healing — Rightly Dividing the Word

Heaven Declares

He’s Alive!

Holiday or Holy Day?

Holy Chaos


I am Elijah

I Knew You in the Womb

In Search of God

In Search of the True Church

Is Christmas Truly Christian?

Is Jesus God?

Is Satan Bound?

Is the Lottery a Sin?

Jesus and Hanukkah

Jesus’ Genealogy — Answering a Skeptic

Jesus is the Tree of Life

Jesus or Santa?

Judge Ye Not

King James Only?

Law and Gospel


Leftovers, Part 2

Leftovers, Part 3

Liberty from Sin

Live Your Calling

Love Wins

Loving Your Neighbor

Luther — Sinner or Saint?


Mary, Did You Know?

Messiah is Born

Molded in Obedience

Mom Wanted a Girl

My Hebrew Brother

My Will Be Done?

No Christians at the Toll Gate 

No Stop Signs in Hell

Not a Christmas Message

Of God and Family

Of Jesus Christ and Evil Patrons

Offensive for Christ

One Nation Under God

Orlando: A Christian Response

Our Christian Walk

Our High Priest

Pass the (Plate) Pipe

Pastor Turns His Face to the Wall

Pop the Cork, or Say a Prayer?

Pope: Atheists Need Not Believe in God

Pride Offends God

Pride or Love?

Purgatory — Are Catholics Right?

Purim 2016

Real Life Christian

Religion and Politics

Religion and Politics (2)

Religion and Politics (3)

Religion and Politics (4)

Replacement Theology


Revelation: An Historic View

Ringing of the Bells

Rosh Hashanah 

Salt of the Earth

Satan Rides a Harley

School Board Favors Islam

Seek Ye the Truth

Set a Place for Elijah

Sex and Christianity

Sunday Gospel

Take Up Your Cross

Ten Days of Repentance

The Bride of Christ

The End of the Age?

The Gift of God

The Greatest Commandment

The Idol of Christmas

The Invisible Hand of God

The Kosher Christian

The Law Has Set Me Free?

The Literal Bible

The Most Difficult Verse in the Bible

The Pope Agrees with Al Gore

The Preemie Gospel

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Return of Christ

The Seasons of Our Lord

The Spin Stops in Heaven

The Word of Truth

Times of the Gentiles 

To’aiva: A Rabbi Speaks

To Forgive

To Joey with Love — Trailer


Waiting on the LORD

Was Abraham Saved By the Law?

Was Jesus a False Prophet?

Was King David Gay?

What is Truth?

Whatever You Ask in My Name

When Jesus was Read in the Synagogue

When Paul Rebuked Peter

Who Do You Say I Am?

Who is Israel?

Who is the Beast?

Who Wrote the Gospels?

Word of Faith

Word of False Teaching

Would You Wash My Feet?

Why Christ Died

Why, it’s a Miracle!

Yom Hashoah

Your Faith Has Made You Well


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