One Place and LightSource are a library of faith-based radio and television ministries.

We also recommend Steve Gregg’s radio Q&A at The Narrow Path; a Messianic view with Dr. Michael Brown on The Line of Fire; Christianity as seen through Jewish eyes on Zola Levitt Television; and the enduring, folksy teaching of Dr. J. Vernon McGee on Thru the Bible.

RefNet features inspirational music, Bible readings and faithful teaching of historic Christianity. 

Pirate Christian Radio cuts through the chaff of liberalism that has infected the “church” with new-ageism and false teaching. (The White Horse Inn can be heard daily on PCR.)

I Met Messiah presents engaging, personal testimony from Messianic Jews who embrace Yeshua HaMashiach as Lord and Savior. See also: They Thought for Themselves.

Tired of the hype surrounding the latest theatrical adaptation of the story of Jesus Christ? May we recommend: The Gospel According to Luke.

Our dormant political blog is located at The Conservative Ledger. For up to the minute news and opinion go to Christian Headlines.

Visit us at Blogger and Google+. (Mom’s poetry can be found at The Desert Poet, and my photography at In Pics and Words.)

Disclaimer: A linked resource is not necessarily an endorsement of a specific eschatology, but an agreement with the source in the essentials of Christian doctrine. Links may expire or be disabled at discretion of webmaster.


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