Are You Deceived?

The Word is unchanging. The Word is eternal. The Word is God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. The Word is Jesus Christ — and he is the same yesterday, today, and forever.(Hebrews 13:8).

Every generation laments the changing times, and reminisces about the good old days. It’s not the times that are changing, but the people. The further we get from the Cross, the greater becomes man’s sin. It has always been so. Israel would seek the LORD in times of great distress, but when times were good the people would forget their deliverance.

During the great storms of our times even the atheist prays to God.

But we live in a post-Christian world. One hundred years ago Christianity was at least respected. Today, the Bible is vilified as hate-speech … bigoted and intolerant.

The Word that spoke the universe into existence is everlasting. What was sin in the beginning is sin today. This generation’s buzzwords — inclusive and tolerance — have been co-opted. There is none more inclusive and tolerant than the LORD our God.

In this age of grace, the biblical conception of inclusive and tolerant is that the LORD has provided — through His son Jesus Christ — a way of salvation for all those who repent and confess his name. Those who confess not their sins are seduced by one of the most detestable sins of all — pride. And not even the colors of the rainbow can hide a haughty spirit.

The serpent’s idea of tolerance is to encourage sin. Satan did not lie to Eve, but he deceived her (Genesis 3:4). Speaking the truth while twisting its meaning is how the Devil ensnares all of us.

Biblical love is not tolerant of sin. It is not inclusive of those who refuse to confess and repent. The greater love is this — that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).

Love is corrective not permissive. A parent who disciplines their child exercises a biblical type of love.

For the LORD disciplines those he loves, just as a father disciplines the son in whom he delights (Proverbs 3:12).

The world has been deceived, but so has the church. This is not a new phenomenon. False teachers introduced heresy even before the death of the last apostle.

Jesus Christ conferred apostolic authority upon the twelve. I believe that Paul was the 12th apostle to succeed Judas because he was chosen by Christ while Matthias was chosen by lot. One of the distinctions of the twelve apostles is that they were personally selected by Jesus. There are many self-appointed apostles in the charismatic movement, but were they anointed by Christ?

To hold the office of an apostle meant that the holder had the authority to bind and loose the dictates of heaven. For example, when Paul wrote that homosexuals will not enter into the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) he was simply expressing the LORD’s will.

Paul is disparaged by Red Letter Christians who abide only the words of Jesus Christ. The Sermon on the Mount is their Bible. What Paul or Peter had to say is irrelevant.

One young woman, in defense of her support of the LGBTQ community, simply stated, “Jesus told us to love.” When showed Paul’s condemnation of homosexuals she exclaimed, “I don’t believe that!”

This is the crux of the matter — ignorance of the Bible, or an unbelieving heart. Satan is more Bible-smart than some Christians, and he uses that knowledge to deceive the unsuspecting. In this current age, the Evil One still whispers in our ears:

“The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin.”

“But men wrote the Bible.”

“Inspired men.”

“Didn’t these men say that you should love your neighbor?”

“Yes, but …”

“Isn’t your cousin gay?”

“He knows how I feel.”

“But you love him, anyway?”

“It is still a sin.”

“Your Bible teaches that love covers a multitude of sins. Shouldn’t you be more forgiving … like Jesus?”

“I suppose …”

“Isn’t it a sin to judge people? Aren’t you being hateful and bigoted? After all, you are not perfect.”

“Only Jesus was perfect …”

“Exactly, you should be more tolerant and accepting of other people’s faults. I’m sure we don’t need to discuss those, shall we say, little habits of yours?”

Bows head in shame.

As in the Garden, Satan is very clever. In our scripted dialogue he did not misquote the Bible, but he did take it out of context.

These are challenging times for Christians, and I encourage you to support the Nashville Statement on biblical sexuality. The preamble reads:

Evangelical Christians at the dawn of the twenty-first century find themselves living in a period of historic transition. As Western culture has become increasingly post-Christian, it has embarked upon a massive revision of what it means to be a human being.

It is common to think that human identity as male and female is not part of God’s beautiful plan, but is, rather, an expression of an individual’s autonomous preferences.

This secular spirit of our age presents a great challenge to the Christian church. Will the church of the Lord Jesus Christ lose her biblical conviction, clarity, and courage, and blend into the spirit of the age?

The 2009 Manhattan Declaration was a similar call for the Church to unite on these bedrock issues. The body of Christ needs fearless men and women who will stand up for Christian principles, and not fall victim to the whispering deceit that befell Adam and Eve.

It is the loving thing to do.

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Father’s Day Down Under

While Americans were celebrating a Labor Day weekend our friends Down Under were observing Father’s Day (September 3rd).

Did you hear about the advertisement that was banned from Aussie television? Sponsored by the Christian group, Dads4Kids, the advert was taken down by the networks as being too political. It was also removed from social media on claims that it posed a security risk.

At issue is the mail poll plebiscite to gauge public sentiment with regards to the legalization of gay marriage. Polling closes on November 15th, and while the mail poll is voluntary the results are expected to bolster the Liberal Party’s demand for legislation to recognize gay marriage as both legal and valid.

Dads4Kids released the following statement:

These television commercials are simply a gentle encouragement to Australian dads, and an affirmation that they are an important figure in the lives of their children.

The adverts have been enthusiastically accepted and many TV stations play them all year-long as a community service. They are always released in the lead up to Father’s Day. Unfortunately what is a simple Father’s Day message has now become a ‘political’ statement.

It is extraordinary that this is where we have come to as a country; we can no longer celebrate Father’s Day without being forced to look at it through the lens of the same-sex marriage debate. It’s a tragedy that a political motive is now implied in any mention of fatherhood. Not everything is about same-sex marriage.

We expect that in speaking up about this that we and those connected to us will be attacked and intimidated, and subject to the same vilification in both mainstream and social media that has been meted out to those who have stuck their head above the parapet on same-sex marriage, despite this not being the purpose of our adverts.

To be clear, it was and is not our intention to enter this debate at this time through these advertisements. And what, you might ask, is in these ‘political’ adverts? They feature a father singing a lullaby to his baby. It is that simple.

Dads4Kids had to disable their social media after they received an onslaught of the most vile, repugnant, offensive, sexually descriptive comments from the Gay Mafia. If you visit their linked website you’ll only see this statement …

… we have taken the preventative step of restricting access to our website and social media channels in order to protect ourselves and our families from the expected response to our situation.

Christian, wake-up! Get your head out of the sand, and hear the voice of the Spirit of God speaking to you. Homosexuality is a sin. Pride is a sin. It is the embodiment of narcissism and wickedness to demand acceptance and tolerance while thumbing one’s nose at the Creator.

Marriage and family were sanctioned by God to represent His relationship to us through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God is our Father, we are His children and the church is Christ’s betrothed. Homosexuality — gay marriage — makes a mockery of what God designed.

Weekend visitors to a local beach were offended when they saw a rainbow-colored lifeguard stand. A city official said that it was a celebration of pride. God hates homosexuality, but He also hates pride. What if I painted a Star of David, or hung a cross on the lifeguard stand?

And let me be clear. Though it is a cliché I feel legally bound to say this, I don’t hate the sinner. Any charges of bigotry, or hate-speech are borne out of the accuser’s own prejudice.

Are you aware of  “gender inclusive” school districts? They don’t address the children as “boys and girls” because that is hateful and bigoted.

What, am I living on Bizarro world?

I really believe that we are in the homestretch of the last days. One of the secrets of Fatima was that the final battle between good and evil would be fought in the arena of marriage and family. The spirit of homosexuality has overtaken the nations of the earth, and even the church has been deceived.

Brethren, God is not mocked … and His patience will not endure.

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Mom Wanted a Girl

Has society lost its everlasting mind?

Did you hear about the gender-neutral birth certificates? One couple insisted that their newborn not be identified by a sexist, patriarchal culture.

Understand, at its roots the feminist agenda has always been anti-male. I wrote the following in a post titled Of Lies and Deceit:

Did you know that the feminist movement was inspired by misandrists (man-haters)? They hated masculinity and femininity. Andrea Dworkin (1977) proposed gendercide, and called on women to unite in common bond to overthrow men. They hated marriage and child-bearing, and were opposed to the family unit as the bedrock of society.

Not only did they hate masculinity and femininity, but also gender identity. The feminists formed an unlikely alliance with the gay and lesbian community to push a radical social agenda (abortion* and gay marriage) that defiantly rejects the very headship and authority of God.

(Can you more clearly see how the Left takes the culture down a slippery path to condemnation?)

It’s all a manifestation of the spiritual warfare in which Christians are faithfully engaged … but not all Christians. Many churches have conformed to the world either for acceptance, or simply out of ignorance.

The Episcopal church in my neighborhood proudly boasts that it is a diverse and welcoming assembly. It is inclusive in that it affirms and celebrates homosexuality, and pursues social justice.

Where is this taught in the Bible?

If I were pastor of a church I, too, would welcome homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators and drunkards …

And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

I love homosexuals and would welcome them in the church with Christ’s admonition to go and sin no more (John 8:11).

The liberal church has forsaken the Gospel of Jesus Christ and preach, instead, a gospel of social justice.

This may surprise some folks, but one of my closest friends is transgender. I don’t beat them over the head with religion, and I resent being called homophobic. In their presence I simply live Jesus Christ, and pray that the Spirit will move in their heart to repentance.

Today, I heard about the parents who sued a private school in California that allegedly would not accommodate their transgender child.

The eight-year-old was born male, but identifies as a female; and the school would not permit the child to wear a dress.

If I were the judge I would throw out the lawsuit. The parents had the responsibility of exercising due diligence to discover if this would be an issue with the conservative institution.

It’s a bogus claim.

All children, at a very young age, are gender confused. Well, maybe that’s too imprecise. More correctly, they have no understanding of male and female. What, then, helps to clarify this distinction in their young minds?


The child learns through socialization — by observing the distinct roles of mommy and daddy. This is the argument against homosexuals adopting children, and why a two-parent family (male and female) are essential in developing a child’s gender identity.

I was the third child in a family of four siblings. My mother had given birth to two sons and wanted a daughter, but I upset the family plan. Mom finally had a girl on the fourth attempt; and being closer in age I played with her. My older brothers hung out with their school chums and did guy things with dad.

Friends, this can really mess with a child’s head and create confusion. But in those days gender identity was not an issue. I was born a boy, had the right anatomy and was influenced by role models that were clearly defined — a mother, father and two older brothers.

I knew what it was to be a boy so as I got older I hung out with my brothers who no longer considered me to be a nuisance.

In that era if I had any emotional issues my parents would have taken me in for psychological counseling. Children weren’t given drugs, but underwent therapy and analysis.

The parents of the aforementioned transgender sought counseling on behalf of their child and the therapist recommended that they permit him to wear dresses. Politically correct, but bad advice. Treatment not affirmation is the loving course of action.

This tolerance and acceptance is partly to blame for our cultural and social degradation. It has given rise to the most narcissistic, self-absorbed generation that has ever been.

If I had put on a dress my dad would have unleashed some biblical love on my tender bottom. A good spanking always worked wonders for the soul (Proverbs 13:24). Sadly, that is frowned upon in today’s progressive, enlightened, permissive society that rejects any expression of authority and discipline.

Gender confusion is a psychological condition in need of professional therapy. The LGBTQ community has polarized the illness for political gain. Yes, there was a time when psycho-sexual disorders were a classified mental illness. Politics not medicine rescinded the designation.

Angela Oswalt (MSW) wrote in an article, Early Childhood: Gender Identity and Sexuality:

Early beliefs about gender roles will reflect children’s observations of what they see around them.

A five-year-old child understands gender by what they observe in their environment. Do the parents act out the traditional model of mother and father? This is a primary reason for the feminist assault on marriage and family, the defamation of fatherhood, the denigration of motherhood; and the rejection of natural law which defines what is masculine and feminine.

The metrosexual man is the antithesis to someone as bold as Donald Trump. Some young women, visiting from New York City, asked me:

Are there any men in California?

Most have been feminized, and this retreat has emboldened the misandrists and gay community to continue their aggressive assault on the social conscience. They won’t stop until every man worth his salt is emotionally castrated.

Beware … neither will the effeminate enter the kingdom of heaven (as it is written).

* Immigration and labor are divisive issues in this nation. Maybe if we hadn’t aborted 52 million babies …

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