Christ at the Fair

Let’s go to the fair! The San Diego County Fair, that is — located in beautiful Del Mar (where the surf meets the turf).

Dominique is a 14 year-old seeker. He decided to spend this summer day at the fair. As he wandered through the crowds (60,000 on an average day) his senses were overwhelmed by the sounds of screaming thrill riders, and the tempting aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls and deep-fried bacon.

There was one attraction, in particular, that caught his eye. It wasn’t a food booth, or adrenaline-pumping carnival ride. It was a castle. Modestly built by volunteers with plywood and nails, there were no crowds standing in line to see this exhibit.

Dominique circled the structure once, twice — even three times — but he just wasn’t sure about entering. Oh, there was a carny barker hollering for folks to come on in, but most people just ignored him. Thousands of visitors walking by completely disinterested except for the few who would say something like, “Maybe later”.

The barker’s favorite response was, “I’m okay,” and he would think to himself, no you’re not! He was fortunate to even attract 100 people to his exhibit. Why, the cinnamon stand next door could sell 100 cinnamon rolls in one hour. (They go through 4 tons of butter cream icing for goodness’ sake!)

Well, Dominique finally got up the courage, and entered the castle. Inside, he discovered there was no one there. One wonders, after 15 years, how this attraction has even survived with so little interest.

He took a seat just as a mother and her 5 year-old daughter (Leanne) entered the exhibit. After they were seated, the barker came in and asked them if they ever told a lie. Dominique and Leanne raised their hands.

Now, you might think his question seemed odd, but the barker, you see, is a Rabbi* — a Messianic Jew. The exhibit that he mans is the Bible Story Castle which probably explains why so many people just walk on by like the many who are on the wide road to destruction.

Granted, most fair-goers are probably thinking about cotton candy and carousels — not church — but it does, I think, reflect the general attitude that many people have about the Bible, or Christianity for that matter.

The Rabbi then asked his audience of three, “Do you know what sin is?”

Dominique: No.

Leanne’s mother nudged her, and she answered, “Yes”.

Then the Rabbi showed them a picture of Jesus on the cross and he asked, “What is Jesus doing?”

Dominique: I don’t know.

Leanne: He’s taking our place.

Dominique: But how do we know these stories are true?

Leanne: Because the Bible says so.

The Rabbi said afterwards that Leanne was the voice of an angel.

“As she spoke,” he said, “I couldn’t help but think of the two thieves. One said yes to Jesus, and the other said no. Just like Dominique and Leanne.”

Parents are called to raise their children up in the way of the LORD (Proverbs 22:6). Dominique and Leanne are the archetype of every generation. We have so much influence over them when they are young. Then we release them to the public school system where they are exposed to an anti-Christian world view, and classmates whose parents are unbelievers.

Leanne has yet to be taught that Sally has two mommies, or that her gender is whatever she feels — that she can be a boy or a girl, and it’s okay.

This is why I bang the drum so loudly … take your children out of the public school system.

Dominique walked out of the castle to join the throngs of people eating corn dogs and fried Snickers. He left just as confused as when he entered, but maybe Leanne planted a seed of faith in his heart.

Who knows? Out of the mouth of babes, they say.

* Tom Cantor is Rabbi of Israel Restoration Ministries, a Messianic congregation in Santee, California. Founded in 1992, the ministry holds services at the Museum of Creation and Earth History. Cantor is not well-received in the Jewish community where he spends millions of dollars (his own money) on Jewish outreach. Services are streamed live Sunday evening, 5 pm (Pacific). The Rabbi teaches the Gospel according to Moses. Reading from the Torah he demonstrates how Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of the Law.

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  1. Tears filled my eyes as I read this wonderful story of Life, Truth and Hope. Pray for Rabbi Cantor’s ministry. I was not convinced to call myself a Christian until after reading the Torah. I never thought of it in those terms, but it is the gospel according to Moses. You see, it’s not about religion. It’s about relationship. Truly wonderful!


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