Of God and Family

Elohim created family to be the social unit of our shared human experience. The family unit is the oatmeal in my mother’s meatloaf. It is the ingredient of social stability. It is what God established. Whatever lies in opposition to the family unit is a deception. I’m speaking of infanticide, sexual immorality (both hetero and homo), and feminism which seeks to not only undermine, but destroy the ordained role of men. Motherhood is of little value in a feminist culture while fatherhood is depicted as the fraternity of buffoons.

Liberal policies, designed to usurp the authority of parents, have actually destabilized home and family. The welfare state caused thousands of men to abandon their role as husband and father.

The LGBTQ agenda — promoted by the Left, and sanctioned by the Democrat Party — is slowly chipping away at the moral foundation that has guided thousands of years of human social development.

Michael Savage asked his radio audience:

How did this happen? I remember when it started back with lesbians and gays, and then that movie Brokeback Mountain. Then there were the bisexuals, later transgenders, and now they’ve pushed the limits to include binary for people who don’t know what they are. This is all happening because of a breakdown of Judeo-Christian values. Unless we return to the God of Jews and Christians our society is doomed.

I don’t have cable television because so much of it is trash, and I’d rather spend that time in the Word of God. However, I do occasionally watch classic programs like Johnny Carson. Joseph Sorrentino appeared on last night’s episode, and his story was quite compelling.

Sorrentino was a child of the 60’s. He grew up in a dysfunctional family, joined a street gang in New York City, and spent his young adult years in prison. Seeking structure and discipline, once released from prison, he joined the Marines; but his troubled behavior ended with a dishonorable discharge. His unit dressed him in a pink suit and marched him around the parade grounds before giving him a unceremonial boot out the front gate. Succeeding generations of men are not so gritty as they’ve been castrated by a culture that hates any expression of manliness.

Sorrentino returned to New York, but couldn’t face his family. In humiliation he became a homeless resident of the Bowery. His bed was a gutter littered with old newspapers and discarded wine bottles. One night he heard the sounds of a Salvation Choir. He went to investigate, and was spotted by one of the singers who asked him, “Child, what are you doing here?”

The long story short is that Sorrentino got his act together, became a lawyer, and was appointed a juvenile court judge. What he learned from his personal experience, and on the bench, was this:

Our social problems are the result of a breakdown in the family, and a rejection of Judeo-Christian values. My youthful delinquency, and that of the cases I try, are a direct result of an unstable home. People shouldn’t be having kids if they are not willing to sacrifice 100% for that child. Children must be taught values, and parents need to be taught how to parent.

That echoes what I have been saying for years. Of course, Adam and Eve failed with Cain just as many parents fail today; but I insist that is due to a lack of instruction and discipline. Public schools have taken over the instruction of our children, and the state might take away your child if you exercise discipline. So, what can we expect but a dysfunctional society?

One of my guilty pleasures is watching America’s Got Talent. So many of the contestants have had to overcome the most difficult of circumstances, but the one common ingredient that keeps them going is …

… family.

Today, I wanted to share with you one young girl’s story about the love she has for her father, and the death sentence that he faces. Her story will make you cry, but it symbolizes all the best that a family can be when it faces challenges together, and in the spirit of love.

Just as Elohim intended.

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  1. “Children must be taught values, and parents need to be taught how to parent.”

    Saturday my wife and I attended a seminar called, “Parenting is Heart Work”, which is put on by the National Center for Biblical Parenting. We wished this had been available years ago when we were raising our daughter. It is a wonderful resource for ALL parents and grandparents. Learn more at https://www.biblicalparenting.org/


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