The Pope Agrees with Al Gore

In 2015 Pope Francis issued an encyclical letter supporting the Paris Agreement on climate control. The Vatican officially positioned the Church on the side of environmental activism. This week the Pope stated his concerns about the Trump Administration’s reversal of Obama-era policies regarding global warming.

While I believe that mankind needs to be a responsible caretaker of earth’s natural resources — conservatives like clean air and water, too — we need to look deeper into the forces that are behind the environmental movement, and whether the Pope’s sympathies are misguided.

Let me just say that I honestly believed that fossil fuels would have been a dying industry by the year 2000. I imagined hydrogen fueled automobiles, and solar panels atop every home and business. This is a an achievable goal if we had the same commitment that landed men on the moon. A national policy of energy independence would spur technological innovation and economic growth while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Having said that we need to examine more closely the genesis of environmental activism. As of this writing we are just a few weeks out from Earth Day. Several years ago there was a featured article on the official Earth Day website titled, Let Capitalism Die.

Today’s movement was essentially born out of the anti-war protests of the 1960’s. A number of radicalized isms including feminism morphed into a global resistance to the socio-economic dominance of western, capitalist democracies; and it wasn’t particularly accepting of Christianity which makes the Pope’s alignment somewhat disturbing. Environmentalism is not only socialism, but it is a religion. As such, America was cast as the scapegoat upon which all the sins of the world were assigned.

In the 1970’s, Ralph Nader and Carl Sagan were the public face of the environmental movement. TIME and Newsweek published cover stories warning of catastrophic climate change due to industrial pollution.

TIME covered the drought and famine in Africa; record rains that caused flooding in the United States, Pakistan and Japan; shortened harvest seasons in Canada; and cooler temperatures that suggested a global climatic upheaval. The magazine quoted a climatologist who warned that, if current trends continued, the earth could not sustain its current population. It concluded that man is the reason for the changing weather.

Preceding this crisis was a deep-freeze which caused record cold temperatures and snowfall across Canada and the Northeast in what meteorologists dubbed the winter from hell (1966).

A decade later TIME issued a dire warning of the coming Ice Age. Within 20 years the Northeast would be uninhabitable and New York City glaciated.

Newsweek warned of a grim reality if we didn’t find a way of coping with dramatic climate changes. Shortened growing seasons would lead to mass starvation by 1980. The magazine attributed devastating storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes to changing weather patterns caused by man’s contamination of the environment.

That was then … this is now.

In 2006, the documentary film An Inconvenient Truth was released. It re-energized the environmental movement which had lost credibility after the dire warnings of the 70’s did not come to pass. New York City was not an iceberg, and Chicken Little now blamed CO2 for global warming.

It was evident that climate change was not so much scientific theory as it was political doctrine. To save the earth, governments had to enact regulations curbing their nation’s carbon footprint. Seemingly, the rules did not apply to the guru of climate awareness, Al Gore, whose utility bill was 30 times higher than the average person — not to mention that one trip in his private jet was the equivalent of adding 20 cars to the roadway.

We can’t ignore the political angle of global warming. The Heritage Foundation concluded that the implementation of the Paris Protocol would have devastating economic costs and zero environmental benefits. It would essentially un-develop the industrialized world.

There is a brown cloud that perpetually hangs over the Himalayas. Was it caused by developed countries burning fossil fuels? No, but by the tribal people who inhabit the Indian subcontinent and Tibetan Plateau.

Let’s now turn to the geological evidence. Meteorologists typically compare weather charts that are only hundreds of years old. Geologists, on the other hand, examine evidence that is millions of years old.

In the 20th century, for example, the decade of the 90’s was not the hottest on record. The 1930’s posted record high temperatures, but when was the last time the earth was really hot? That would be during the Medieval Warming Period 1,000 years ago. Human civilization prospered by today’s standards due in part to the longer growing seasons.

The error made by global warming theorists is in the measurement of CO2. Do elevated levels cause warming, or cooling? Forty years ago carbon dioxide was stored in the oceans. Today, it is concentrated in the atmosphere. The earth cycles through periods of shifting weather patterns. These cycles are influenced by wind, ocean currents and precipitation.

Evaporation is a process similar to perspiration. The earth has an internal regulator much like the human body — an amazing design when you think about it. Our planet goes through natural cycles of freezing and thawing. Man’s impact is negligible. Humans contribute .001% of the CO2 that is measured in the atmosphere, and it is not even the primary greenhouse gas. What is?

Water. There is 30 times more water vapor in the atmosphere than CO2. Ocean currents and wind patterns determine where the vapor falls as precipitation. Humidity has a greater effect on temperature than does carbon dioxide.

As the earth cycles through periods of warming and cooling it is CO2 that is affected. In cooler conditions the gas is stored in the ocean; but when the earth warms the gas is released into the atmosphere. It is a reactant not a causal agent. Think of it in terms of a bottle of carbonated soda. What happens to the carbonation when you open a cold bottle and leave it on the counter overnight?

The inconvenient truth was, that after the movie’s release, the winter of 2007-08 recorded the coldest temperatures and snowfall since the winter from hell. No problem for Al Gore who simply explained that cold weather was caused by global warming. Understandable from a student who got a “D” in Physical Science.

TIME and Newsweek were partially correct. The last Ice Age occurred 12,000 years ago, and the earth is overdue. There have been 16 warming cycles during the interval known as the Interglacial Period. The earth is essentially thawing out from the last deep-freeze. For only 20% of earth’s geologic history have there been polar ice caps. The Arctic and Antarctic are still recovering from the last glacial period.

The alarmists, and their pseudoscience, would have you believe that melting ice caps is a looming environmental catastrophe. Why is there oil in Alaska? Because the Arctic region was once a veritable Garden of Eden — for dinosaurs, that is.

I wrote about this extensively a decade ago, but presented here only a brief outline for you to consider. This topic will heat up once again at the summer release of An Inconvenient Truth Sequel.

In the meantime, another Earth Day will have come and gone. It is the most popular secular holiday in the world, and idolatrous in its virtual worship of the planet. Not unlike the ancient pagan rites that celebrated the gods of the Spring and Winter solstice.

That the Pope would align the Church with this humanistic movement should be a cause for alarm to those of us who worship the Creator — not the creature.


George Carlin

Let me tell you about endangered species, all right? Saving endangered species is just one more arrogant attempt by humans to control nature. It’s arrogant meddling. It’s what got us in trouble in the first place. Doesn’t anyone understand that? Interfering with nature. Over 90%, way over 90% of all the species that have ever lived on this planet, ever lived, are gone. They’re extinct. We didn’t kill them all. They just disappeared. That’s what nature does. We’re so self-important, so self-important. Everybody is going to save something now. Save the trees, save the bees, save the whales, save those snails. And the greatest arrogance of all, save the planet. What?!

I’m tired of these self-righteous environmentalists, these white bourgeois liberals who think the only thing wrong with this country is there aren’t enough bicycle paths, people trying to make the world safe for their Volvos. There is nothing wrong with the planet. Nothing wrong with the planet. The planet is fine. The people are (messed) up — difference, difference. The planet is fine. Compared to the people, the planet is doing great. It’s been here four and a half billion years. We’ve only been engaged in heavy industry for a little more than 200 years.

Two hundred years versus four and a half billion, and we have the conceit to think somehow we’re a threat, that somehow we’re going to put in jeopardy this beautiful little blue-green ball that’s just a-floatin’ around the sun? The planet has gone through a lot worse than us, been through all kinds of things worse than us, been through earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, continental drift, solar flares, sunspots, magnetic storms, the magnetic reversal of the poles, hundreds of thousands of years of bombardment by comets and asteroids and meteors, worldwide floods, tidal waves, worldwide fires, erosion, cosmic rays, recurring ice ages, and we think some plastic bags and some aluminum cans are going to make a difference?

The planet isn’t going anywhere. We are! We’re going away.

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