Pride or Love?

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The LGBT Pride festival is being held this week in my community. The media are blowing their trumpets in celebration. There was a sign apologizing for the hateful, judgmental, bigoted attitude of the church in its resistance to such things as marriage equality.

People of faith respond in one of two ways — silence or concession. Christians are people, too, and it is difficult to hear over again that you are intolerant and homophobic. The relentless assault on Christian values is disconcerting.

I have heard so many testimonies from the LGBT camp about pride. There is a haughty arrogance in their forceful demand that they be recognized by society, and Christians in particular. That a baker, photographer and florist can be compelled by the state to violate their faith and conscience does violence to the bedrock foundation of our protected freedoms.

The left has targeted both the Constitution and the Bible in their attempt to legitimize what historically has been condemned by Christians, Jews and Muslims. Let me be clear. God hates sexual immorality whether it be fornication, adultery or homosexuality. In other words, if you are single and having sex — that is sin. If you are married and having sex outside of marriage — that is sin. If you are having same-sex — that is sin.

The Bible is unmistakably clear in six definite passages regarding the sin of homosexuality: Genesis 19:4-7; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:18–32; 1 Corinthians 6:9–10; 1 Timothy 1:9–10.

Practicing homosexuals within the Christian community will argue that these passages condemn inhospitality, or the unnatural behavior of heterosexual men. Friends, that is simply living in denial. We all want our religion to conform to our peculiar indiscretions … don’t we?

Then there are the activists and atheists who don’t care what the Bible says. For example, the late Christopher Hitchens:

What do I care what some Bronze Age text says about homosexuality? 

Rather than debate these finer points of Scripture, let me introduce you to the director of Out of Egypt Ministries, Patti Height.

Patti grew up in the 60’s, adopted a homosexual lifestyle in the 70’s and lived as a lesbian for thirty years before surrendering her life to Jesus Christ in 2003. Since then she has traveled around the country speaking to numerous churches about her life and ministry. Patti recently spoke at the local Calvary Chapel, and I wanted to share with you her compelling testimony.

There were six other kids in the neighborhood where she grew up. They were all boys so Patti essentially became one of the boys. She acted like the boys, dressed like the boys, talked like the boys — in fact, her mother took her to the doctor and said, My daughter thinks she’s a boy.

[A transgender said, I grew up in a macho-Italian neighborhood. How does a child relate to that? I didn’t know how to be a little boy.

Boys and girls need proper role models. Growing up is a learning experience. They need to be taught how to be young men and women. I’ve pretty much reached the conclusion that a lot of our problems are the result of bad parenting.]

Patti said that neither her mother nor her father affirmed that she was a little girl. She wanted to play house and such, but her parents — except for the abuse — pretty much neglected her. The mother was abused by the father, and in the midst of all the pain and suffering Patti became more confused and isolated. Her only solace was in being one of the boys.

As she reached puberty her emotional and psychological mindset was that of a boy. She still wanted to play house, but in the role of the father. Eventually, she began a long-term relationship with a backslidden, Catholic girlfriend.

The death of her brother in 2002 touched her deeply. The grief was overwhelming. Her friends could not comfort her. She thought, How can you be comforted without Jesus? Her brother had received the Lord in his final days, and though his body was dying, Patti noticed that his spirit was so very much alive. She didn’t understand it, but she wanted that same peace and joy. One night, in bed, she restlessly turned towards her girlfriend and asked, Are we doing the right thing? Her girlfriend responded, Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe you asked that. I was thinking the same thing.

Patti asked, What should we do? So they went to the attic and found an old Bible. Now, they had always seen at the Pride parade a sign that read Lv 18:22, but didn’t understand the meaning. As they opened the Bible it turned to the Book of Leviticus, chapter 18. They glanced at the page and saw verse 22.

This was the defining moment of their lives when Patti realized that God had spoken to them. They ended their relationship, and received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The girlfriend’s identity is kept secret because she is actively involved in a very dangerous ministry — smuggling Bibles into countries where it is a capital offense to be a Christian. Formerly gay, and now risking her life for the Gospel of Jesus Christ — that simply amazes me. This sister in Christ has sacrificed everything — her very life if she is caught — in order to serve God. May the Lord protect and keep her.

Patti said that the LGBT movement, despite its marketing, is not about love but narcissism:

It is self-loving at its core. Gay men, or women want from their partner what they couldn’t get from their mother or father. The child who was abused and neglected seeks affirmation from a same-sex partner. 

So a man seeks from another man the love he was denied by his father. Likewise a woman. But it’s not love. It’s a draining, self-taking relationship that sucks the emotional energy out of the other person. I don’t believe people are born gay. In my experience and research I have found that (the majority of homosexuals) are gay due to emotional or psychological trauma, or sexual abuse.

Up until 1960 homosexuality was treated as such. That is, until the activists successfully lobbied the medical profession to delist it as a mental illness. Patti self-medicated herself with alcohol and drugs until, she said, her brain became fried. She freely indulged in sexual immorality because, she thought, that’s why girls were made.

The solace that she was seeking could not be found in the homosexual lifestyle, but in Jesus Christ only. To follow Patti’s journey out of Egypt (sin) please watch the following 50 minute video testimony. 

Finally, I am struggling with how to present this final point, and not have stones hurled at me. (This is my experience so hear me out.) In my secular career I worked with a number of LGBT people. The female co-workers adored the gay men. The common thought was, It’s like having a male girlfriend. 

I saw an article — or was it a book?– titled, How Satan Deceives Women to Destabilize the Church. The brief synopsis — Satan has been deceiving women ever since Eve for the purpose of executing his war against God. Women, more so than men, cast a sympathetic eye towards homosexuals; and Satan uses that compassion to alter perceptions, and gain acceptance, within the body of Christ — even to the point of sanctifying homosexuality in the sacred rite of marriage which, lest we forget, Jesus said was between a man and a woman (Matthew 19:4–5).

Love is not born of pride. It sacrifices, but does not take. It gives, and still more. It is offered to you freely by the One who gave everything — even His own life upon the Cross. Nothing equals that kind of love. Nothing. 

Greater love hath no man … (John 15:13).

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6 thoughts on “Pride or Love?

    1. I condemn no one. God is the judge, and He is the One who condemns — not only homosexuality, but adultery, fornication, drunkenness …

      Cornelius was a man seeking God. He was upright and God-fearing — a man of humility. He was not a homosexual — he was a Gentile. That is the context of the passage.

      If he were a homosexual, Jesus would have commanded him to repent, and sin no more. In any case, your issue is not with me but Patti Height. This was her story as a practicing homosexual who was delivered from bondage. She was not seeking God, and held Christians in contempt.

      After the death of her brother she said, “I knew if I died in sin I would not be saved.”

      It is my prayer that all who sin will come to that place of saving grace.


      1. So- listen to God, and cease your obsessive homophobia! Patti Height is another of those bisexuals who make money out of fools like you. My issue is with you, because however tiny your readership you are spreading vile falsehoods about Christianity.


        1. But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire (Matthew 5:22).

          I’m a fool? I can forgive that.

          Because you disagree with Patti Height does not invalidate her life experience. Nor does it diminish the transforming power of God to set her free from the bondage of sin.

          Phobia suggests that I am afraid. It just doesn’t work as a pejorative. If anything, I am afraid for people who pridefully walk in disobedience to God.

          Paul is unmistakably clear — homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

          The question we need ask ourselves …

          Do I believe in God?


  1. This comment is really about Clare Flourish’s comment referring to, “obsessive homophobia”.

    I am a Bible-believing Christian. I know what God’s Holy Scripture says. This article in no way spreads falsehoods about what Jesus taught or historically mainline Biblical doctrines on sexuality and sin. This article is not obsessive and is not fear-motivated (as the misnomer ‘homophobia’ implies), nor is it hate-motivated. It clearly points to the error of ALL SIN.

    Your animosity is not against the opinion of this author or the opinion of Christians. It is against God Almighty and his holy word.

    In truth, it is love that motivates Christians to speak against homosexuality, because Scripture is clear that the practice of homosexuality, as well as the practice of ALL SIN leads to death — eternal death. Jesus loves us, not because of our sin, but despite our sin. He sacrificed his life to pay the price for our sin so that if we confess to him, turn away from our sin and take him as our Lord and live our lives for him (no longer for ourselves), then he will forgive us and allow us to become children of God the Father.

    That’s why Messiah Gate posts articles and videos about the GOOD NEWS. Christians love you. We don’t want you to die in your sins. We want you to know the utter joy of eternal life. But sin is in the way. And if you love your sin so much that you refuse to acknowledge it is an abomination to your Creator, you will pay the price he exacts because it is his judgement we are all subject to.

    Messiah Gate (and all Bible-believing Christians) doesn’t wish that on you. We agree with Jesus when he said he wants you to have life and that more abundantly. Know the truth and the truth will set you free. Choose life which God in his love is offering you, not death that sin is leading you towards.

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