A Life Well Loved


I have been sharing with my readers the heartbreaking story of our sister in Christ, Joey Martin Feek. Thousands of her brethren held a recent prayer vigil for a miracle of healing. Joey’s husband, Rory, said that she had a good day following, but later that night she was rushed to the hospital because her tumors were painfully inflamed.

Joey has been home receiving hospice care while spending time with her family and saying goodbye to friends. But this inspiring story of faith, hope and love doesn’t begin or end here.

In July 1994, Joey’s brother, Justin, headed out to the county fair. He looked back at Joey and hollered, “See you there!” Less than a mile down the country lane that ran in front of the Martin’s farm-house, Justin crashed his Jeep. A neighbor ran back to the house to tell the family. Joey and her mama rushed to the accident scene and held Justin’s hands as they awaited the ambulance.

He never regained consciousness, and Joey was grieved that she didn’t have a chance to say “goodbye”. Joey and Rory set up a website (for the purpose of healing and closure) where people could upload videos in memory of their passed loved ones. You can watch Joey’s mournful “goodbye” to her brother here.

I don’t know, but maybe it was the burden of grief that she carried all these years that brought this illness upon her. Joey says that she is not mad at God, just disappointed that she won’t have more time. In the midst of her difficult trial, Joey’s father has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Joey can now leave this world knowing that her whole family will be with her in heaven. As her eyes fall heavy from the morphine drip she thinks about holding her brother Justin, and being able to say to her Dad this day, “See you there”.

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