Blood Moon Feast


Tonight is the beginning of Sukkot (Leviticus 23:34), and the appearance of a super blood moon. Hurry! Gather in all the children so that we may feast in gladness for the END IS NEAR! Let me just say that the LORD is sovereign. If Messiah comes this year, or not for another two centuries, how will this change the God-centered purpose of my life right now? Everything else is a distraction that takes our eyes off Jesus.

There is a blogger — a self-professed Prophet of God — who posted a rather detailed history of Blood Moons, and their relevance to Israel and the nations. These harbingers were supposedly a Divine announcement that something earth-shaking was about to happen.

The Inquisition (1493), Israel’s statehood (1948), and the Six-Day War (1967) were in alignment with an astronomical event known as a tetrad. That is, where four blood moons appear during high holy days on the Jewish calendar. But this is a super event …

The tetrad that concludes tonight (09/27/15, or 14th of Tishrei, 5776) is the fourth blood moon in a series (Passover and Sukkot, 2014 and 2015) which included a partial solar eclipse on Rosh Hashanah, 2015. In prophesy, the moon represents Israel while the sun represents the nations.

According to the self-proclaimed Prophet of God this portends cataclysmic events. Note, like John, his revelation is from Jesus Christ:

Now … I am going to explain from the start the Revelations the Lord Jesus Christ has given me to show you that this is not a theory, but solid fact backed by centuries of history and amazing signs confirming all my findings.

In fact, I was never out to search for anything, but I was called, I was chosen, and the Lord has revealed to me The Final Signs of Christ´s Return.

It’s not offensive to say I am a pastor, evangelist or teacher. But one mention of the word Prophet and everyone gets all upset by this. God has given me a prophetic gifting. This is not exalting myself, it’s simply stating my calling.

I am now going to lay out, step by step, what the Lord has shown to me … all confirmed by Scripture and Signs in the heavens. This study shows how we can know Christ is about to retrieve His Bride (Rapture) and how long the Great Tribulation will be … how much time remains. It has all been REVEALED!

This fellow is also a date-counter, and has determined that the Millennium will begin in 2017 (1947 + 70 years).

I have written to him over the years, but he will not post comments that challenge his theories. My comment yesterday was not published:

This is the worst kind of eisegesis to impose a biased end-time scenario (on Biblical text). We are not supposed to know these things which not even the Son is aware, but the Father alone. All of this idle speculation takes our eyes off the Lord. It is idolatry. For 2000 years false prophets have deceived many with this same kind of nonsense. Hal Lindsey, Harold Camping and now Steve F. who, by the way, has never posted any of my comments. Steve, you are so deeply vested in this deception that your eyes are blinded. I will pray for you, brother.

And this from Israel Today:

The appearance of four total lunar eclipses on major Jewish holidays has the attention of much of the Christian world. But the eclipses are going to go almost totally unseen in Israel. Seven times in the past 2000 years, a tetrad has coincided perfectly with Passover and Sukkot — four occurred during times of no particular significance to the Jewish people.

This is not what might be called a rare event, but simply a coincidence. Because the Hebrews mark time by a lunar calendar it is not surprising that lunar events coincide with holy days. And please note that more often than not absolutely nothing happened.

John Hagee and Jonathan Cahn have profited nicely from this Blood Moon phenomenon, but the moon will turn to cheese before either one forfeits his book royalties. Hagee believes the lunar events are of  prophetic significance to Israel, but when shown NASA charts that the tetrad will be a non-event in Israel, Hagee (who was not aware of that fact) could not answer.

Finally, this Blood Moon video was sent to me with instructions to share with my readers. It’s only 93-seconds long so it won’t interrupt your moon-gazing tonight. Please enjoy.


Tonight’s event will be seen in Jerusalem at 5:47 AM DT, September 28.

Video courtesy of When We Understand the Text,

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  1. Happy Sukkot! Another great post. But before you referred to that self-proclaimed prophet, I had never heard of him. (I did a search to discover who this person was, you were speaking of.) This guy is strictly small potatoes. It’s a shame that he’s leading even a few into untruth, however anyone who will not openly face their opposition is destined only to cult status. He cannot deceive the informed, the rational, the critical thinkers.

    Pray that believers in the Creator and Redeemer of this world will take Him seriously when he calls out to us, “Come now, let us REASON together”.


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