A Godly Path

Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).

It is very curious how an individual grows up to become either a charitable Mother Teresa or a doped-up dropout. People say to me, “Oh, you just don’t remember what it was like being young.” Well, I do remember not blindly following the out of control herd (Mark 5:13).

How were these people reared? Was there no one in their life telling them no? Parents need to be responsible.

It’s a coming of age story repeated at every school, and in every generation. The cheerleaders would mock me (I was a nerd), but there were good kids, too — reared in families with a strong faith, and able to avoid the snares of drinking, sex and drugs.

I never engaged in those activities because it was important to me that my behavior would, in no way, disappoint my God, my parents or myself. It was a guiding principle that my life should bring honor to my family and my Creator, but if you are reared with no moral absolutes then anything goes.

It was disheartening when good kids went bad — usually because they hooked up with the wrong crowd. The common excuse was, “Everybody’s doing it.” No, they were not! That is the BIG lie.

My classmate, David V, was one who went bad. He was a good student, and well-behaved in class. Then his behavior started to change. He became loud and disobedient in the classroom and around campus. The schoolyard buzz was that David started using LSD.

We had been friends, but one day — while I was walking to class with a bundle of books under my arms — he approached me with a crazed look in his eyes, and punched me in the stomach. The books fell as I crumpled over trying to catch my breath. He said he wanted to meet me at the east gate after school so he could beat me up. Well, I always left school through the west gate and would do so that day since I had no desire to get hurt, nor did I understand why he was so angry.

Who knows how long he waited for me, but that evening he went inside a utility room in his family’s backyard and took a dose of LSD. While tripping out he saw his mother through a screen door, thought she was a deer, picked up a rifle and killed her.

I pose the question once again — how does someone grow up to be a Mother Teresa or a David V? How is it that my classmate made choices that resulted in the death of his mother, and I am left to write the story?

If we teach our kids to be responsible — that there are consequences for their actions — then maybe our society could heal.

What I am about to pose will surely strike a nerve, but the secularists have promoted an agenda that does not subscribe to moral absolutes. People say no to God, and yes to the world.

Liberals say no to school prayer, but yes to condoms for pre-teens. (In sixth grade I was not thinking about sex, but Mr. Adrian’s math assignment.) If you enable immorality then you must suffer the consequences.

It is not a mystery that sex, drugs and alcohol are tempting ingredients of youthful indulgence, and devastated lives.

By the grace of God I have walked a different path.

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